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Action, adventure, drama, conflict, humor. It's all here, along with the macabre, the supernatural, and the paranormal. My books satisfy your cravings for suspense and intrigue. Several have garnered award nominations in their genres, providing enjoyable reading for ages 8 to 80+.

The fun, funny way to improve MG/YA reading skills

It isn't easy being 13 ...

And being raised by your grandfather ...
and having a name like Minno ...
and then having to journey through
a strange land to rescue your parents.

But Minno is doing the best she can.

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"This book is part Wizard Of Oz, part The Hobbit and part Alice In Wonderland, but all amazing."

-- Amie, Goodreads ... more/less

The roller coaster ride continues ...

Minno 2 packs more zany adventure,
more creatures, and new characters into
this thrill-a-minute sequel. Every chapter
sweeps you along in the strange
and marvelous world of Ambrosia.

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Award-winning supernatural horror!

College is a time for unbridled discovery, but some
things were never meant to be disturbed ...

In late August of 1995, junior Ali Goodfellow
returned to quaint Ranhurst college in rural
Ohio. A day later she vanished without a trace.

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"Windows To The Soul is a heart-pounding, palm-sweating, blood-chilling thriller of a novel."

--  James Cox, Midwest Book Review

"I have really enjoyed both books that I have read by this Author. Will continue to read this authors books"

-- Macay25, Barnes & Noble ... more/less

You can't run. You can't hide!

Do you believe in miracles?
Jenny Garrett does. Because only a miracle brought her through a terrible car crash.
Do you believe in ghosts?
Jenny didn't either until ...

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"This was a real great book! A major page turner - kept me on the edge of my seat. Definitely a five star book!"

    -- Crusader, Amazon

"Great, enjoyable read. I really enjoyed this book, it flowed very well, and found that I couldn't put it down."

--  trek, Amazon UK ... more/less

Real people. Real suffering. Real hate.

An emotionally gripping, brutally invasive
tale of four young Native Americans wrongly
committed to our nation's only Indian insane
asylum during the 1920s.

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"It was definitely a page turner. I found myself caring about the patients and rooting for them to win. It is unfortunate that people were actually treated this way. Well written J.M. Barlog!"

-- Dawn, Goodreads

"This is one book that's definitely worth its price. If you like Native American books, read this one!"

-- Jenny, Goodreads ... more/less

Love Game of Thrones?

One woman's courage must decide the fate of the English crown.

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"Well written with plenty of intrigue, mystery, politics, courage, loyalty and heartbreak this book is a must read and lead to far many nights reading until 2 am."

-- Stachia, Barnes & Noble

"There are hero knights, sword fights, chases, and escapes before all is concluded in this tale loosely based on British history."

-- Karen M, Amazon ... more/less

The fight for the crown continues

The thrilling adventure of The Heart of the Lion continues in The Lion Unleashed, Book 2 of this intense historical fiction series.

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"The frenetic pace of this book keeps you from putting it down. I am so hooked on Joanna's story that I can't wait for the next book in the series to come out. "

    -- Shelley, Goodreads

Demonic possession at its scariest

Sometimes children can be little demons ... literally.

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" ... this is a genuinely frightening book, with plenty of demonic action. And if you have a four year old child that displays strange and unusual behaviour...don't put it down to a sugar rush! "

-- Jo R, Amazon UK

"If you love the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo stories - you will adore Barlog. This book is a terrific terrifying read that had me clicking my Nook pages as fast as I could and not wanting to put it down."

    -- Anonymous, Barnes & Noble

Fight or Die!

Andrew's throwing a New Year's Eve bash for his girlfriend Julie...

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"This book had a good storyline. I liked the fact that I could read a scary novel, that kept me guessing to the end. If you want a short to the point scary story, this book is for you."

-- LibroAmante, Barnes & Noble

Riveting pre-911 counter-terrorism

Code-name: Wolf Pack

They're ruthless. They're deadly ... they're CIA/MI6 black ops.

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"If you love a sharp tale of counterintelligence and terrorism that seems ripped from the daily headlines, don't miss Necessary Measures."

-- A. Caruba, Bookviews ... more/less


A serial killer terrorizes Albuquerque

Death comes in threes...

An unresolved bloody past haunts the people of Albuquerque. For two years a killer lay silent. Now the signature killings of the Boulder Hill killer have started anew.

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"It is extremely descriptive and incredibly moving. I started this book yesterday and have just now finished it. It draws you completely into the story, you will not be able to put this book down."

    -- Amy, Goodreads ... more/less

God of War - The Official Novelization

The novelization of the highly anticipated God of War game.

His vengeance against the Gods of Olympus years behind him, Kratos now lives as a man in the realm of Norse gods and monsters.

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"Enjoyed reading it! It was a cool insight into the characters (particularly Kratos and his struggle to be a father), and the interactions between them all felt in character and realistic."

-- Anahi, Amazon ... more/less

Get 4 full-length horror novels

Award-winner Windows to the Soul

Dark Side: The Haunting

A Connecticut Nightmare

New Year's Bloody Eve


A Chicago native, I served in the Air Force during Vietnam. That was when the writing bug took me. I started (with no success) writing short stories about things that interested me. Before long I was expanding into novels and exploring many different facets of life. I came to realize that stories were all around. All I had to do was be observant and let my imagination go where it wanted.

Because of that, I have a personal connection to many of the books I write.

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